Chain conveyor systems

We build chain conveyors for particularly flexible and versatile systems

Power and free chain conveyor systems on the floor with full mesh make it possible to create particularly flexible and versatile systems. They are used every time it is necessary to handle and work with products transported on pallets in a fast, precise, reliable, silent way, achieving series or parallel working areas.

In power and free chain conveyor systems on the floor, interconnections are managed by means of specific functions like the following:

  • transfer of goods per units or batches based on the different working areas, with automatic shutdown of unrequired loads and independence of each load
  • loads accumulating (storage) in an area of the plant not affected by the production workflows
  • loads accumulating between a station and the other
  • possibility to double the transport speed on some segments to decrease transport times
  • extremely precise pallets stop
  • transfer of goods at specific rates in relation to a part of the plant
  • selection of the loads by means of encryption systems or barcodes found on the product
  • Orthogonal transfer between multiple lines
  • Recycling

Documentazione tecnica:

Product data sheet - Chain conveyor
Product data sheet - Flexible chain conveyor