Assembly plants

We design and build your production line to cut downtime and costs

Movin designs and builds assembly plants to make the production line more efficient. This allows the company to save money and time.

Thanks to the most recent technologies put in place and to a highly specialized staff we can offer innovative, flexible, and completely integrated solutions. 

The assembly line is designed in a way that all the components in use (conveyor systems, high-efficiency pick-and-place devices, vertical elevators, Cartesian robots, etc.) minimize the manual labor time to load the pieces, consequently increasing the production

Our plants are also intended to automate the different production phases, including assembly, testing and packaging.

Plants are set up with a view to maximum flexibility and interchangeability between the production phases and can be efficiently controlled by the operators with digital control panels. Our automatic assembly lines combine:

  • flexibility
  • increase of productivity
  • efficiency and easy control
  • adaptability to multiple industries, even the most advanced ones.

Increased productivity

Through our systems, we can pursue the customers' goals of efficiency standing by their side, while helping them to increase productivity and cut down the costs


We aim to build a long-lasting partnership with the customer. The mutual satisfaction of the parties is the key

24H Support

We provide you with a 24h support service, even remotely, virtually all over the world


The goal is to offer the most up-to-date and functional technologies to a strong, highly specialized team, subject to recurrent training


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