Industry 4.0

Movin accompanies customers through their journey towards the innovation outlined in the Industry Plan

With Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory as primary objectives, the challenges of today are undeniable. Movin presents itself as a partner for customers looking for concrete answers to their questions:

  • what technologies can drive a greater success?
  • how can multiple systems and devices communicate with each other perfectly?
  • what should the ideal smart factory be like?

These are the proposals that allow the plants built by Movin to be at the forefront of Factory Automation:

  • robots and collaborative robots;
  • machinery, tools and devices for loading and unloading operations, handling, automatic weighing and sorting of the pieces, automated lifting and manipulation devices, AGVs and flexible conveyor and handling systems and/or equipped with a part recognition system (e.g. RFID, viewers and vision systems);
  • automated warehouses interconnected to factory management systems;
  • process monitoring systems to secure and trace the quality of the product or the production process. These systems allow to qualify the production processes in a documented way, establishing a direct connection to the factory IT system;
  • intelligent and connected systems for the marking and traceability of production batches and/or single products (for instance, RFID – Radio Frequency Identification);
  • human Machine Interaction devices and tools to improve work ergonomics as well as the workplace safety in line with the logics of Industry 4.0;
  • lifting/transfer systems for heavy parts or objects exposed to high temperatures, capable of easing the tasks of the operator in a smart/robotic/interactive way;
  • smart Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) that assist the operators for the safety and efficiency of the working processes, maintenance operations and logistics.

Movin is focused on a continuous research of systems that could make the production lines of our customers smarter and more efficient


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