ACTIONhub Supervisor


ACTIONhub Supervisor

MOVIN, a leader in the automation and industrial handling sector, presents ACTIONhub Supervisor, the cutting-edge supervisory software suitable for controlling every technological system.

Complete Control

ACTIONhub Supervisor is a web-based SCADA that enables complete control of every technological system through web browsers.

MOVIN provides Supervisor to end customers, offering complete and integrated solutions that allow monitoring of all production plants in real-time, to be promptly alerted in case of faults, technical alarms, and maintenance requests.

ACTIONhub Supervisor is also offered to system integrators, to whom MOVIN provides usage licenses, training courses, and specialized technical support.

Simplify Your Work

The user experience of ACTIONhub Supervisor has been carefully designed to ensure exemplary use on every device, and the modern flat-style interface seamlessly integrates into any installation context.

Native support for HTML5 technology allows access to Supervisor from any device with a modern web browser, and pinch-to-zoom support enables viewing of complex layouts even on smartphones and tablets.

Custom module creation for the customer allows for in-depth analysis and informed decisions.

Solidity you can trust

The software architecture of Supervisor is developed to ensure service continuity in production environments, and cloud-ready features allow installations in on-premise and on-demand virtualized environments, perfectly integrated into the company’s disaster recovery plan.

ACTIONhub Supervisor

comes with a perpetual alarms/events history, allowing for a precise and updated database to be provided to external business intelligence software. The ability to manually add events allows maintainers to keep all relevant offices updated in real-time; furthermore, this data, saved in the events history, supports the predictive maintenance module.

Advanced Augmented Reality features simplify maintenance and reduce plant downtime.

Stop Imagining.
Be Amazed by ACTIONhub Supervisor

Summary Features:

  • Cloud-ready
  • Communication with infinite devices
  • Infinite Tags
  • Perpetual events history
  • Creation of infinite pages
  • Multi-user support
  • Management of relevant zones
  • Multi-Protocol (drivers for OPC-UA, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP devices)
  • Connection to SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle databases
  • M2M Protocol for creating interconnected networks
  • Native HTML5 technology
  • Real-time data analysis across multiple devices
  • Component Traceability Module
  • Seamless integration with existing Disaster Recovery plans for protection against ransomware attacks and hardware failures

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