We build systems for the continuous freezing of packaged products

Movin designs and builds handling systems and systems for the freezing of packaged products within continuous cycle production lines. Cartonfreezer is an automatic blast chiller working at an internal temperature of about -35°C, that allows a fast freezing process for food products in boxes and cartons that will keep their properties after they are taken down to a temperature of -18°C or less right after they are produced. Moreover, the company completes the offer by studying and implementing product handling from the production line to the storage and shipping area, also integrating systems for handling, palletization, winding as well as supervision software for the system.

Features of the systems:

  • Capacity for different products showing different freezing times
  • Increase in and preservation of the freezing properties
  • Workload reduction and less labour costs
  • Compact structure for a high storage capacity
  • Energy cost savings thanks to efficient freezing times
  • Products are carefully transported
  • Automated inbound and outbound logistics with control and freezing time monitoring via HMI;
  • Flexible strategy, input and output parameters for fast adaptation to changes in the production schedules
  • Possibility to place time-limited exit orders from PC;
  • Possibility of data traceability (database) via PC (Ethernet);
  • High reliability of the plant (fast fault diagnosis by means of remote maintenance).

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