Special machinery

Special machinery represent customized solutions to deal with specific needs in the field of industrial automation

special machinery for industrial automation are used where particular tasks or continuous cycle operations in the absence of operators are needed.

thanks to technical-commercial cooperation agreements with companies operating in highly specialized fields, movin stands out as a reference point for issues connected to handling and automation for which a solution is yet to be found.

Motorized and automatic pallet shuttles

shuttles can solve the issues related to feeding by optimizing space and costs. they are extremely versatile and strategic solutions for industrial automation.

indeed, they allow the handling of any load even over large distances, ultimately creating a link between different warehouses.

modern technologies and sensors for obstacle detection allow us to use the shuttles safel

Increased productivity

Through our systems, we can pursue the customers' goals of efficiency standing by their side, while helping them to increase productivity and cut down the costs


We aim to build a long-lasting partnership with the customer. The mutual satisfaction of the parties is the key

24H Support

We provide you with a 24h support service, even remotely, virtually all over the world


The goal is to offer the most up-to-date and functional technologies to a strong, highly specialized team, subject to recurrent training


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