30 Years – A Special Milestone

In 2024, Movin, a leading company in advanced handling, automation, and industrial logistics, proudly celebrates its 30th anniversary. Over three decades, the company has consistently redefined industry standards, providing turnkey solutions that maximize efficiency and ensure advanced management of assembly and warehousing.

For us, 2024 marks a special milestone: it represents the culmination of experiences, adaptability, and close collaborations with our clients, who are global leaders in their respective sectors. It also symbolizes our vision for the future: internally managing the company’s strong growth, investing in the research of new technologies, and developing innovative solutions are, as they were thirty years ago, but even more so today, the primary objectives in Movin’s vision.

Thanks to the trust of our clients and the dedication of our team, the company has achieved significant milestones and looks forward with enthusiasm to facing new challenges, continuing to lead innovation in industrial automation.

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