The overhead monorail and ground conveyors solve the simplest problems of transportation and storage connecting two or more working areas operating at the same rates.

The conveyor can operate step-by-step or have a continuous flow. Its speed can be fixed or variable and the range can be anywhere between 0.1 m/min and 30 m/min. The main features of overhead monorail conveyor systems are:

  • possibility of working in particularly harsh environments, for example where there is a lot of dust and/or high-temperature ovens, thanks to the use of special materials and bearings
  • operation without any automatic tensioning system, thanks to the chain working in compression
  • very low friction and limited wear and tear of the components thanks to the uniform distribution of loads between chain and rails
  • possibility of horizontal bends at angles from a minimum of 5° to a maximum of 270° and vertical bends at angles from a minimum of 5° to a maximum of 45°. Indeed, the chain is articulated on two orthogonal floors
  • bends with minimum radius and no need of idler wheels depending on the characteristics of a line, the load capacity can range from 80 daN (with single support) to a maximum of 160 daN (with double support).