Roller conveyor systems

We build roller conveyors for reliable lines, with the widest degree of freedom for layout

Roller conveyors allow to build flexible, reliable lines, with the widest degree of freedom for layout. They are especially used when it is necessary to handle and deal with products without supporting pallets or polystyrene and/or paperboard bases or gathered on wood pallets. 

The significant flexibility of these conveyors allows to manage the interconnections between manual and automatic working areas through specific functions like the following:

  • transfer of products per units or batches based on the different working areas, with automatic shutdown of unrequired products and independence of each load
  • products accumulating (storage) in an area of the plant not affected by the production workflows
  • loads accumulating between a station and the other
  • transfer of products at specific rates in relation to a part of the plant
  • selection of the products by means of encryption systems or reading of the barcodes found on the product
  • orthogonal transfer between parallel or orthogonal lines
  • recycling

Modularity of roller conveyor systems

  • possibility of use in critical environments
  • 90° and 180° bends thanks to tapered rollers bearings
  • possibility of handling products without pallets or paperboard, polystyrene or wood bases
  • possibility of creating lines with products dynamically accumulating thanks to clutched rollers
  • possibility of integrating lines with special machinery such as elevators/lowerators, level changes, manual or automatic rotations.

Technical Documentation

Product Data Sheet – Roller Conveyor


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